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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Namitha has a secret daughter?!

Buxom girl namitha has always drawn disputes and delicious rumours in the marketplace. Ever since our voluptous elegance began improving the dose of glamor, in similar her picture was also remaining for significant harm. Although this can be regarded regular for cine celebrities but it is a proven reality that namitha surpassed those regular limitations.

With ‘Simha’ being a achievements and our lecturer’s heavy amounts satisfied viewers, now a powerful gossip from Chennai groups has achieved Hyderabad area that namitha is having a key little girl in Mumbai and that is the purpose why she regularly journeys there. Although obvious information about this child is still to be known but she is known to be 8 decades of age where in namitha does not want to carry her before the community as of now.

One of namitha’s near assistance (a top home whose name begins with M) is looking after the woman's day to day costs and she is having a relaxed lifestyle in Mumbai going to university. namitha may have to start up herself to shut these type of rumours else she may have to stress her individual lifestyle more thane ever before.

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