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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Who Spent With Namitha That Night?

The heavy duty bombshell Namitha is one lady who has the power to cause a sizzle wherever she goes. Right now, she seems to have triggered a topic in the film circuit of Tollywood. This has happened due to her presence during the recent 50th day celebration of the film ‘Simha’.

It is heard that many are keen to know with whom did Namitha go after the event. While some are saying that she was seen with director Boyapati, some others say that he was seen with members close to the producers group. Then there were those who said she was seen leaving with the distributors.

The solace for Namitha is that some have said that they saw her seeing getting into her own car. Whoever or however she may have gone, Namitha has caused full sensation even after the function got over and she commands a lot of craze that way.
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