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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Chubby Namitha to go lean now

Namitha is on fitness spree. The actress is all set to shed her sensuous plump figure. Namitha who was in Mumbai recently revealed that she working towards a fit and lean body. It can be recalled that the actress had earlier lost weight for a Telugu film, 'Desadrohi'. "What is an ideal weight for an actress is always a big dilemma.

Don't worry about weight but remain fit and active! Many of you maybe disappointed, but I am thinner than you may want me to be. I've shed lot of weight," said Namitha while talking about fitness.

It was reported that after Trisha, Namitha, too, plans to join Bollywood and is thus on weight losing spree. But the actress refuses reports of her plan to enter Hindi films. She informs that she is happy doing south movies and has no plans of Bollywood yet. "No Bollywood plans yet, but kal ka kisko pata ?" said Namitha flashing her beautiful smile.

Sex Queen of tamil cinema-Namitha

Namitha Kapoor is her full name. namitha is a tamil actress and one of the few glamorous and tall heroines she is 6 ft tall and weighs 70 kg. namitha earlier paired with aged actors like sathyaraj, vijayakanth and sarath kumar. now, she is pairing with young actors like ajith, vijay and simbu. news about namitha is she become more fit and sexy.

Namitha is the Hottest Sex Bomb right now in South India...the most searched for item girl in india last year...she continues to floor many a fans through her sex appeal.

Who Spent With Namitha That Night?

The heavy duty bombshell Namitha is one lady who has the power to cause a sizzle wherever she goes. Right now, she seems to have triggered a topic in the film circuit of Tollywood. This has happened due to her presence during the recent 50th day celebration of the film ‘Simha’.

It is heard that many are keen to know with whom did Namitha go after the event. While some are saying that she was seen with director Boyapati, some others say that he was seen with members close to the producers group. Then there were those who said she was seen leaving with the distributors.

The solace for Namitha is that some have said that they saw her seeing getting into her own car. Whoever or however she may have gone, Namitha has caused full sensation even after the function got over and she commands a lot of craze that way.

Namitha has a secret daughter?

Buxom babe namitha has always attracted controversies and spicy gossips in the market. Ever since our voluptous beauty started increasing the dosage of glamor, in parallel her image was also left for considerable damage. Although this can be considered normal for cine stars but it is a fact that namitha crossed those normal boundaries.

With ‘Simha’ being a success and our lecturer’s bulky volumes impressed audience, now a strong rumor from Chennai circles has reached Hyderabad zone that namitha is having a secret daughter in Mumbai and that is the reason why she frequently travels there. Although clear details about this baby is still to be known but she is known to be 8 years old where in namitha doesn’t want to bring her before the public as of now.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Watch online Namitha hot videos

Namitha Kapoor one of the sensational actress from the south, here is a collection of namitha videos, namitha hot videos photos of namitha.
Namitha is considered the hottest celebrity in Tamil film industry in the current decade, she has created stirs in movies with Sarath
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